Citi Bank New York

citi-bankWe have negotiated a deal with Citibank of New York for all our customers in South Africa.

The deal includes the following:

  • 2% off MasterCard and Visa
  • Transaction processing via a local company called Paybay (zero cost)
  • A wi-fi enabled device that includes a built-in printer and 2 sims cards for R375 PM (all data included)
  • You keep your existing banker and money gets automatically transferred to your selected account
  • If you wish to take advantage of this offer, please send an email to indicating your interest





The year 2016 is almost history. It passed by in a flash and in reflection we did achieve a great deal this year. In this newsletter, we'll be telling you about our new products, improvements, fixes, industry trends, new partners and much more.

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your continued support. It is really heartwarming how many of you have been with us for many years. We will always strive to add value to your business.

 It's not as if we, on the Southern tip of Africa, aren't aware how technologically savvy our customers have become. There is also no reason to doubt that this will continue even stronger into the foreseeable future. We already know why this is so. Technology equates to efficiency for your customers, which offers significant time-saving to them. It also represents better service delivery which goes a long way to remove frustration at all those familiar friction points in your business. 

As accommodation, restaurant or coffee shop suppliers you need to be aware that the new traveler will demand more and more technology driven services from you, obliging you to offer those services or risk losing the customers.

This notion is strongly reinforced in the 2016 SKIFT REPORT, titled The Travel Industry’s New Platform Paradigm. Among the many noteworthy points raised in the report, it states:

Consumer pain points with the hotel experience suggest many hotel properties aren’t doing enough to assist today’s discriminating, tech-savvy travelers. According to a recent Skift consumer survey, which asked travelers about the most frustrating part of the hotel experience, core operational functions like housekeeping, requesting hotel services, and check-in/ check-out all topped the list of pain points.

The report goes on to note that even staff responsible for booking were aware of the gaps in service, calling it "surprising". A survey investigating the top guest complaints in online reviews found that it was “Staff Service,” mentioned by 56% of respondents. As the report says: "This begs the question: why might hotels be receiving low marks on core operations that should be under their control?"

Well, a great many hotels know they need the right technology to help improve guest satisfaction, but just as many are not seeing the bigger picture: how to integrate technology to provide overall guest satisfaction. In effect, they don't see the wood for the trees. Yet.

Of course there are major forward strides, as the SKIFT Report also notes: the big hotel chains are adding messaging to their mobile apps to better engage guests, driving guest engagement through direct SMS and introducing app based key less entry. Crucially, though, they are all isolated experiments. How you tie all these together, that is the real key”. The guest experience while visiting an establishment is what brings them back or creates a reliable reference that drives more business to venues. These bookings also deliver the greatest profit margin. 

How to deliver these technology solutions, is where we as Semper must play a key role.

The next article “Getting smarted..  “ will give you a good idea what was delivered in 2016

For 2017 two areas of demand which we will focus on is the intelligent guest application that will enable your guest to view their account from a cell phone or tablet, settle their bill electronically and do a quick check-out directly from their phone.

The second area revolves around rates management. The ability to ensure you can maximise the amount of income from each booking by adjusting rate prices dynamically in the same way airlines have been doing for many years. A new partnership approach will ensure you can utilize this technology without investing in learning how best to do this. A number of tools will become available as well as a service offering that will blow your mind. All integrated into your Semper system.

2017 promises to be a great year and we hope you have a wonderful and prosperous season and great 2017. 





Your Semper system should be considered a business tool that assist you with running your business. Business generation is one of the keys be it on-line bookings, managing traditional channels such as travel agents or enabling you to increase your return guest and reference business which is also the most profitable.

The mix in each area is entirely up to you and most often reflects the type of venue you are and the target market you cater form. In general terms, most people aim for about 33% in each area. Irrespectively, you need a strategy for each area to ensure you maximize all your business opportunities.

The other very important area is the management of your business to ensure efficiency which by definition is best achieved using a single integrated system that enables you to manage everything from reservations, conferencing, pos and stock control, invoicing, debtors and statements, through to integrated accounting.

 That is what you should get with your Semper system.

We also focus the development in each of these areas and very much depends on what your needs are.

Recently, we have added a number of features and products. From the initial responses, they've been well received.

The first release was the electronic check-in app to give you a better chance of capturing accurate guest information, avoiding the wasted time trying to capture often illegible information hastily jotted down by guests.

Why is this important?

Apart from security and verification issues and the time saving element, it also helps you build a database of guest information that you can use for marketing purposes later on.

The second was the development and release of the POS app for mobile phones and tablets. Once again, the cost saving is obvious, as the mobile phone use is at a fraction of the cost of a standard POS touch screen, but the major benefit lies in conveying those orders to the kitchen and/or bar much quicker and more accurately, since the order is taken directly at the table and captured on the mobile phone immediately instead of writing it down and then re-capturing it later on a touch screen.   

The on-line payment system that enables guests to pay on-line without exposing their credit card details remains one of the most popular modules. If you have not yet implemented it, please take a look. It cuts down frustration and ensures a secure environment that is trusted by your guests when paying you. Best of all, it costs you only a brilliant preferential rate (it's unbeatable, talk to us) for Visa and MasterCard.

The next deliverable is the enhanced on-line booking system which will be mobile enabled and offers many more features such as guest specials, multiple rate selection (such as bed only or bed and breakfast) with the ability to sell any service you may offer directly via your website.

We have also just completed the Semper Channels to offer direct connectivity to, and Agoda. All ready and available.

Lastly, with the new release now available, the marketing capability of your establishment will be greatly enhanced with the ability to do mass email and sms campaigns from within your Semper system. 



Semper Family Grows….

There are a few new faces at the Semper Offices and we extend a warm welcome to these newest recruits! We are very excited to have these dynamic individuals on board and would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to them:

Louis is our latest recruit in the development department based in Cape Town.

Sara is our new sales executive and is based in Kenya.

Hardus is our new support consultant based in Cape Town.

We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship!



Product Highlights


Over 30 Semper clients have already implemented the recently released Semper Check In App!
This new check in process is fast becoming a highlight in the hospitality industry.

The electronic check-in system is a new way of checking in your guests using a tablet instead of printing the guest registration card. This will save you time and ensure you get information captured accurately.

Additional information such as a guest signature, picture of the guest and/or other image such as a passport can be captured in the process. All information saved directly on the system with the reservation making it easy to find.

Watch the Video on the check in app - click here



Welcome to new clients

We congratulate the following establishments for implementing Semper and welcome them to the Semper family.

de-oude-kraalDe Oude Kraal Country Estate and Spa

This Award winning Country Estate, is situated on a Merino sheep farm, allowing you to experience the best of the Free State’ Country lifestyle. A relaxing spa experience awaits you, as well as many outdoor activities from horse riding to Clay pigeon shooting...


whale-coast-hotelWhale Coast Hotel

The centrally located apartments offer guests an ideal accommodation choice in Hermanus due to their close proximity to local restaurants, boutiques, coffee shops, bistros and the exciting outdoor activities on offer in Hermanus and surrounding Overberg Towns.


mountain-baseMountain Base Backpackers

The Mountain Base is ideal for that backpacker looking to take in the splendour of the Champagne Valley. This is the perfect venue for nature lovers, bird watchers, adventure junkies and mountaineers alike. With activities on your doorstep and all about the valley.


hamilton-manorHamilton Manor - Guesthouse

Hamilton Manor (Previously Paradise House) Guesthouse
Our picturesque bed and breakfast accommodation is situated in the beautiful town of Knysna. Hamilton Manor is the perfect get-away for the discerning traveller or those looking to just unwind.


voelklipVoëlklip Beach House

This property is 3 minutes walk from the beach. Hermanus Self-Catering Beach House is situated 220 m from Rowweklip beach and offers light suites decorated in an ocean theme. A laundry service and free bike rentals are available.


once-in-jhbOnce in Joburg

Make the journey part of your next vacation, relax and sleep over at Colesberg’s Merino Inn Hotel, on the N1 Situated in Colesberg, Northern Cape. This Hotel is a popular stopover halfway destination for people travelling between Gauteng and Cape Town. Checking in will now be easier thanks to Semper.


merino-inn-sMerino Inn Hotel Colesberg

Make the journey part of your next vacation, relax and sleep over at Colesberg’s Merino Inn Hotel, on the N1 Situated in Colesberg, Northern Cape. This Hotel is a popular stopover halfway destination for people travelling between Gauteng and Cape Town. Checking in will now be easier thanks to Semper.


sostanza-sSostanza Coffee Shop & Bakery

Based in Lakeside, Cape Town, Sostanza was founded with “togetherness” in mind… So whether you’re a coffee connoisseur, fun-loving family, cake-crazed or just someone looking to enjoy a nourishing meal in good company – their freshly baked cakes, pastries, delicious food and uniquely blended coffee will provide you with the perfect setting to CELEBRATE, NOURISH AND LAUGH. Paying your bill has never been easier thanks to Semper.


mandyville-sMandyville Hotel - Jeffreys Bay

The Mandyville Hotel leaves nothing to be desired. Set in the beautiful coastal town of Jeffreys Bay!Finding comfort is important when traveling. We are positive that you'll find comfort at Mandyville Hotel. Checking In has never been easier thanks to Semper.


gecko-sGecko Inn Guest House

Gecko Inn is located in the City of Umhlatuze, Richards Bay, in the heart of Kwazulu-Natal. A true gateway to the most prestigious Game Parks, Game Lodges and Sanctuaries in Zululand. Enjoy the best of both worlds! Checking in has never been easier thanks to Semper.


Lets Connect - Value added Services

With Christmas just around the corner this year has definitely flown by! Companies across the country are planning their year-end soiree and whether they are looking to dine, chill or have an adventure we would love to assist them with finding the perfect solution by showcasing all the wonderful offerings of our clients. So if you are a client of semper and your establishment has a specialized year end function package that you would like us to promote on our social platforms please send the details of your offerings to


Client Centricity

The term CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has been around for a long time and we at Semper from the very beginning integrated this approach in the system where guest profiles can be developed to improve the service to clients as well as for marketing purposes.

The new buzzword extends this notion and in doing so has morphed to Client Centricity. It deals with the entire life cycle of your interaction with your guest with the objective of developing a greater return and referral guest program.  It deals with the very reason most people run a hospitality venue. The pleasure of guests who rave about your venue and refer others to you. It also happens to be far more profitable business as one saves the inevitable commissions (up to 30% for some channels) as well as the ability to cut marketing costs as this percentage of your income grows.  In the final analysis if a venue could generate 100% of their business from return or referral guests the need for marketing would be reduced to almost nil.

To enable our venues to do this right, we recently engaged with industry experts and in doing so developed new modules that enable you to do so. These people are also available for you should you wish to consult with them to develop your own strategy. Contact your agent or support and we will get you connected to them.

Customer Centricity is a holistic approach which includes a combination of people and technology. We as your technology partner provide the platform which enables you to implement such a strategy and is now available with the new release.  

The first touchpoint for many guests is the booking process via you website where guests need the ability to book with the greatest flexibility, where the system must recognise this as a return guest.

From there to accurately capture guest information when they arrive for check-in. For this we developed the electronic check-in app where the guest themselves enter their information including things such as their likes and preferences, demographics etc. This information is saved in the database which can be used by you to focus on delivering a superior service based on the knowledge of their likes and preferences.

The next step in the process if to measure what they actually think of your venue using one of our partner survey companies (preferable if the survey is returned and saved with the guest profile directly in your Semper system thus enabling you to enhance their experience with their next visit)

Then your ability to create focussed marketing campaigns that can be focussed on your guest interest and preferences with a far greater chance of success then general campaigns. For this the new marketing module available in the new release. As part of such campaigns the ability to offer specials and issue vouchers which can be redeemed through the new Semper on-line booking system giving you the ability to measure the effectiveness of each campaign.

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